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Egyptian astrology

As i was picking-up my room today i came across an old postcard that i got when i was 15-16. It's my Egyptian Astrology here's what it sez:


may 28-june 18
september 28-oct 2

Colors: Men: Turquoise blue Women: Black

"Those born under the sign of Seth seek change and are forever searching for their wholeness. They must experiance many adventures before finding themselves and being able to direct their strong inner powers. They readily learn from their mistakes and possess a tenacity in their challenges unrivaled by any other sign."

many adventures have come to pass, and i am finding myself in little steps. I know more adventures will come, i still have much to learn and do. Durring tthe past weeks i searched and searched to find myself, i'm eternally gratefull for my friends who have coached me and given me good comments. I don't think i have to name you since you know who you are. One day i'll do something to repay you 1000X better. For now HUgs*

cretfallen moon

Crestfallen moon

Moon, moon
Have you come to see someone?
Is there a lady inside?
That sails the earth
With the moon as its vessel
Lady in the moon,
You appeared in broad daylight
Are you seeking the sun?
Behind clouds he hides
In the night you turn your back
Are you crying?
The sun shows-up
While you slumber
You defy your sleep to see him
And he hides from you!
You have every right to cry
Next time you appear in the afternoon
I will know you’re searching for your heart

burning garbage burning a part of me

I draw cards and write good hopes intended
Results are nigh the images die the words seem to lie
I wish to share my heart on paper the ink are streams of my blood
Many rivers that should quench the soul
It never works!
It means nothing!
It serves as fuel for a fire
The flames warm the body and soul
It’s of better use then the abominations I cast my heart and soul inside

Am i a Midas of jinx?
Everything I touch is tattered with bad luck
But wait!
Is it my paper and pen who are the bringer of bad luck or am i?
If I touch someone will they turn into gold?
Or will there heart go cold?
I need someone to touch me
Reach for me!
Come to me!

Let’s make a fire, and warm eachother’s soul…



my vacation was over today, the christmas tree was thrown over the porch and the decorations were taken out. No more colorfull lights and no more artificial tree for cleo (my cat) to play with, she's a sad kitty. It seems like all the magic went away with the snow (can there be at least one week with snow?). for the entire vacation it seemed like my life was on pause...i needed a break from what's been happening (see my poem from a few entries ago to see what i mean). Now it seemed like the "play" button was pushed and it's just starting again. Can you imagine going to school and nobody talks to you or asks you how your vacation went? f!ck does school have to be that depressive? Sry if i was rude but i just needed to say it...just once.

i don't want to be sad and depressive right now, there's lots of happy things that have happened and might happen. I just need to keep my mind off it and try to think happy thoughts no matter how foggy my mind is.I can do it, just need a lil' more time and motivation.

back from a trip!

Hello everyone!

I just came back from a long trip that lasted quite a few days (5 if i'm right). The trip was really by surprise, i got up at 1:00 am te leave for New-brundswuick a 14+ hrs drive so i got to see the sun rise and set not moving an inch all that time (the car was moving not me!). As soon as i came in my grandpa's town it just refereshed some of my oldest memories, pleasant ones (but also sad ones too =( ).

The days where a lil' slow...took a few naps (i am staying at grandpa's after all!). Went shopping a lil' but din't find or buy anything, sis went on a shopping spree though! I did have fun though, i visited my cousins (not all of them have met me before), my youngest cousin, age:9 said: "wow! you're taller then the fridge!" lol.

If i had lotsa fun over there the trip back wasen't: I selpt fully dressed, studded belt and everything...except for shoes lol! And we got caught in trafic...(long and borring!)

But now i'm back...and everything is cool and fine. I coudn't wait to see my cat again (slept with me all night). Can't wait to talk to my friends again!

My christmas!

Hello everybody! How was your christmas? I had a fun one! DiN't get as much presents as i thought but it's a time where you just can't complain. I see presents (or even cards or words) as blessings from ppl, so anything will make me happy. I had a new PS2 finally can play kingdom hearts 2 again! yesssss!!!! And the best part is it's in my room so i can play anytime i want (even early in the morning like yesterday =). I also got ff7 advent children (i had to buy it myself though but it's still good!). After that i got myself a KH handbag (not a purse!, thanks Kim for beig my cashier that day!
Now it's my turn to play santa (late), i have presents i have to deliver (Can't wait!)

Happy new year!

dream dictionary

hi everyone! Enjoyed my christmas themed short story? It's great for those who love greek myth's...and vampires! (Uh oh did i screw it-up for those who din't read it yet?)

Recently i was looking through some books and i came to find a dream dictionary. I heard that those things existed ever since the egyptians but never thought it would work. So i tried to look-up what i had dreamed of the night prior: i dreamed i was climbing a tree, then as i reachedt he top bouced on it...it cracked and i fell (silly me!). According to the dictionary: I want to achieve something i've been maning to do, but once i acheave it i'll be so happy about it i'll mess myself up. So i'll be carefull and not to show-off about my achievements (showing-off as always been something i've hatedm myself for doing). So far i achieved something i've been meaning to achieve for an entire week, i'll be carefull not to screw it up.

till something else worth mentioning comes-up, l8er


Pandora's present

It was christmas at the Olympus's. The log was burning and the candles where lighting the living room. The tree was shinning bright colors, it was the season. The season of christmas! The season wheregifsts are handed and best wishes are given. Zeus, oldest of the house was sitting on his sofa, wish seemed like his throne. The god of the house he was, with his silver hair and blue eyes and athletic body, and on it was worn a sweater with a lightning bolt on it. His brawny best friend Hephaistos*, with red hair and a "mr crafty" t-shirt. Zeus's cousin: Prometheus was sitted on the other sofa. You could tell his personality from his fiery red eyes, topped by his releively short black hair. His brother Epemitheus was sitted on the floor next to the warming fire turned arround.

"Cut the act Zeus! What do you want?" Prometheus rised in outburst.
"Oh Prometheus! why can't you be more patient like your brother? he just sit's arround by the fire not bothering anybody." Epemetheus did not bother to turn arround. He simply ignored them and kept starring at the fire.

Hephaistos rised-up from the sofa, and faced Prometheus.
"You wanna know what we want with you? Well i'll tell ya! You betrayed us Prometheus! You stole our "burning fire", that's low!"
"Yes i did! And yes i deserve your wrath Zeus!"
"And so you shall receive it! This will be a christmas you will never forget! Zeus rised and pointed at him.

'ding dong!' The doorbell wrung! "The gift has arrived!" Zeus said.He walked the the hallway in the next room and opened the door. He came in a few minutes later, as everyone (except Epemetheus) turned to Zeus to introduce the gift:

"I present to you: Pandora!" A girl came in the living room of the Olympus's. Sh was a mysterious looking girl with Idigo-blue hair, and make-up surrounded eyes. yet they coudn't conceal her innocent looking dark eyes, dark as the clothes she wore.
"She's your's Epemetheus!" Hephaistos said. Epemethius turned- arround for the first time tonight revealling his sad red eyes and brown hair.Pandora walked slowly and sat next to Epemetheus on the floor. Pandora looked into his eyes...they have met!

Prometheus was furious and ran over and grabbed his brother:
"I told you not to accept any gifts from that bastard!"
"Don't hold me like thatt brother!...You're hurting me!" Prometheus threw him on the floor.
"You're a fool Epemethius! You accept any present from anyone without any second thoughts". Pandora came to closer to care for Epemetheus, she did not make a sound but only touched her heart with one hand and wiped-off his tear with the other.

"Pandora, why don't you open the present we told you not to open? Zeus said tempting her?" Pandora looked at Epemetheus in the eyes, giving a confused look. She then emediatly rushed to open the present. As she opened the lid of the box she saw the inside was filled with papers with writting. She took soe in her hand and looked-up confused.

"You have released all the words of misery to the world! All the words taht will make the world of Prometheus a misery!" Zeus said with a great big smile.Prometheus came to take a closer look at what was writen in those letters. His eyebrows lifted high-up. Zeus and Hephaistos laughed, Prometheus was powerless, he knew waht was written on those words unleashed by Pandora from her present would threaten his very hapiness.

"Damm you! you filthy girl! Like all women you had to let your curiosity take over!" prometheus screamed as he drew his hand out too close to Pandora.But then epemetheus stepped in the way and stopped his older brother's hand.
"How dare you try to hit her brother!"
"She isin't a girl, but a tool for their cruel purposes, Pandora has seen the evil face of cruelty! And she was part of it! She's just a puppet!" Pandora rised up and looked at Prometheus with menacing eyes.
"THE PUPPET HAS FANGS!" She whispered in a deep voice, revealling her sharp teeth.

She pounced at Prometheus and bit him on the neck! leaving two red holes. Prometheus was paralysed with fears, he fiery and angry personality faded, and so did Zeus and Hephaistos's cruel laughs, replaced by cold fear. She only looked at them to intimidate them and turned arround starring at Epemetheus. He was not afraid of her, as she wiped the blood off her mouth, she came close to him, he held her by the waist and her by the shoulders and they kissed.

Prometheus and the others would not dare come close. still afraid from the shocking,violent scene they had witnessed. Pandora then took a few steps away and Took the box and threw it's content into the fire!
"What are you doing!" Zeus yelled! Pandora ignored him and took the empty box and gave it to Epemetheus.
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" She whispered. Now with a smile.
"Thank you very much!"
"You fool! I told you you accept anything without second thought...and now you accept nothing?!!" Prometheus said still paralised on the floor.
"On no brother....i did think, it's the best thing anyone can give: Hope! The only thing she left inside the box, because without all the mean words there is nothing to fear for you, and me."
"NO MATTER HOW HARD IT IS TO SEE OR HOW LONG YOU MUST WAIT...HOPE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE!" Pandora added, then she sat down with Epemetheus on the floor, next to the fire starring at it.

Zeus, Hephaistos and Prometheus where silenced. Zeus Went over Prometheus and gave him his hand. He helped him up and layed him on the couch. "I've had my punishement, i've been bound and devoured...forgive me cousin!" Prometheus begged.
"Christmas is a time for forgiveness...you suffered enough"Zeus said.
"No! We all did, and we learned something: Hope is the greatest gift anyone can give, opnly Pandora could give it!" Prometheus corrected.


Happy holidays, may Pandora gove you all hope!
This story is based on the greek myth of "Pandora's box".


Yesterday was a classic incident, funny for anybody who hears this:

Sunday evening: the last launry batch comes in (finaly i can wear a shirt). So dad calls me in my room, wich i was taking a nap, with my lights closed listening to my ipod. For those who visited my house or have met my parents, tyou noticed my dad is pretty loud so it was a pretty big bark! taht woke me up just as i was falling asleep (a nap in the afternoon feels so good, too bad i can't do it often enough). So looks like i'm not folding the laundry like the others but it's my turn for the tub. So i go in and after a few minutes i hear my sis yell: OMG! It's pink! (I'm thinking ok she's a girl she wears lotsa pink). So i get down (with my pj pants) i realise: they where folding the white batch!!!!!!

so just as i was going to grab a shirt, my white shirt(s) are all pink! Dad put a red dishwashig cloth in the batch by accident :$. So now a just lost 10% of my wardrobe to a dishwashing cloth...

Fortunatly there's a compensation: next week-end dad's taking me shopping to get some new clothes to make up for the loss, an oportunaity to go christmas shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so wanted to go but forgot how fast time flies, better late then too late.

I'm thinking of writing a christmas themed short story. Will post it here when i'm do (writing and illustrating it), for you my loyal friends and readers.



You have left me
let me be!
i have nothing more to do with you
you disgust me now that i see it true
Efforts wasted
made way for hatred
leave me!
because to myself you are all an anomaly
silence is not golden
but rocken'
don't stone me!
no more will i let it be
i'm going in exile
with my real friends, less vile

Those of you who are reading this, i'm not talking to you, you're the real friends i'm talking about. Thanks for being there, need i mention you all?